Monday, January 18, 2010

A Tree Tee

After much stitching, the tree tee-shirt is ready. It is pretty cute, but it doesn't fit Kees all that well, unless you don't mind the eighties work-out crop-top style, so I'll let him wear it a couple more times then stash it away for Jimmy. I used a very old tee for a pattern, and I should have added more length because he's bigger than I thought!

When I first put it on him, Kees said, "I want to break it." Nooice. I was most put out, even if he is three and a half. I guess "receiving gifts" is NOT one of his "primary love languages". Surprisingly and happily, the next time I popped it quickly over his head (so he would wear it without noticing), he said, "I love my new tee shirt". Relief.

When browsing for a tree pattern - I find drawing tree branches really hard! - I came across this great site full of free applique patterns: Wee Folk Art.


  1. Well done! Looks great!
    Had a giggle at his comment!

  2. Hi there Cath! What a cute tshirt - I will have to check out the wee folk art site! I'm glad Kees has warmed up to the idea of wearing it and hasn't "broken it!" reminds me of when i knitted Noah a vest and he threw a tantrum every time I put it on and said "im not wearing that!" :) Hope your well and thanks for the "hot babe" comment on my blog:):)


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