Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Maleny Botanic Gardens and Bird World

We had a gorgeous day out yesterday with homeschooling friends at Maleny. It's a beautiful spot overlooking the Glasshouse Mountains; the view is amazing and I could've spent all day just gazing out to the south. We walked around, chatted and laughed, explored secret gardens and ate some really good scones with jam and cream. Our admission included entry to their giant bird aviary filled with friendly birds from all over the world. I have a hard time seeing birds in cages but this one was pretty big and the birds were absolutely beautiful. We all got pecked but at least not pooped on this time!

Thanks for organising this, Jo 😊 xx

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Green Mountains Camping Trip

We went to Green Mountains with Grandma and Grandpa. We camped in a tent. I climbed a humongous strangler fig tree which was hollow. I learnt to tie my own shoelaces. We made friends in the campground and we played hunting bush turkey rump. We went for a long walk to the waterfalls and Grandma gave us a chocolate at the end because we did a very long walk. By Jimmy.

I liked camping at Green Mountains. I liked playing with all the friends we made around the campsite. We saw lots of cute pademelons. They're like these kangaroo type things, just a bit smaller. And we saw a really big brush tail possum just near our tent. A bird flew onto my shoulder and did a poop on my shirt and for Jimmy, it did a poop on his head. I caught a Lamington Spiny Cray with my bare hands and I almost caught an eel but it was too slippery. I'm the one with the red hat. We camped but our Grandma and Grandpa stayed in a hotel room. The camping toilets stunk so I had to wait until 9am so I could use Grandma's toilet. We used their spa and the sauna too. I loved staying up with Dad, having a cup of tea and looking at the stars. I got freaked out climbing up the treetop ladder because it was so high. I dropped a boulder on my toe; it was extremely painful. The bandage on my toe was so big I had to wear Mum's joggers for our bushwalk and I was so embarrassed. At night our tent was cold and stunk like farts and Jimmy weed the bed for another thing, so now Mum wants to get a caravan. By Kees.