Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gifts for Esme

Oh my goodness, is she cute or what! Little Esme. I cannot wait to squeeze and kiss those little cheeks. My parents are arriving in Wellington today, to meet Esme for the first time, and of course, they are very excited.

Mum and I both love to sew, and now we have a little girl to sew for. Yippee! For Christmas I made her this stocking, which, though I say it myself, is quite lovely.

Again, the inspiration for the embroidery came from Wee Wonderfuls' Hillary Lang, whose blog I really love. What a clever lady she is, and funny too.

And Mum made this gorgeous little dress. My Mum is pretty darn clever too. She has certainly got me out of many a sewing jam.

Ooh, Esme, you are going to look so sweet in this dress. We miss you!


  1. Oh Cath! She is such a cutie!! The stocking you sewed her is beautiful - so lovely! Your mum is a very clever lady! Esme will look gorgeous in the dress!

  2. Cath I am so excited for you! That stockin' is rockin'!!!!!!!


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