Sunday, June 16, 2013

Where I Live

"Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them?"

Rose F. Kennedy 

Cheeky Night Visitor

At our homeschool co-op, TLC, one Mum made these dough handprints with the kids. We left them out to dry overnight, and made a very funny discovery in the morning:

Can you see the little handprints?

It was our cheeky backyard possum, caught pink-handed! We couldn't believe it; it was as though it had thought, "Ooh, I'll have a turn of this!" and put its hands in to make prints. REALLY cute!

Much nicer than Mum and Dad's night visitor, who brazenly crept in, stole their keys, wallet and phone, opened the garage door and drove their car off into the night.  >:0(

Bread Baking Time

 I've been baking sourdough bread. Not being all that much of a sweet tooth, I'm enjoying putting my baking energy into savoury bread instead. Nothing beats steaming hot fresh bread straight out of the oven on a Winter's morning.

As you can see below, the process has been a little bit trial and error, but I think bread is pretty forgiving and usually turns out all right in the end. If nothing else, making it into toast usually fixes it, and if it's still inedible, the chooks get a treat!

My best loaf so far has been a pumpkin and pepita one. That was always my favourite from Sol Breads so I tried to emulate that. It was a very wet dough and so I just splatted it onto the baking tray, but it turned out YUM. Below is a plain wholemeal/white loaf with a few chia seeds thrown in.

Delicious with Nigella Lawson's "Eggs in Purgatory" or as Kees calls it, "Eggs in Poetry", now a firm favourite for Winter breakfasts.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Few Moments in the Day With Jimmy

 Just a few little moments with my cutie through the day. 

He took time out from his busy snipping - the evidence of this new interest is all over the floor every day - to watch this super cool volcano toy, a gift from Noreen at Straddie.

 We went grocery shopping and got a big fright when a scary little monster offered us a tomato!

Later, while Kees was at tennis, we went for a stroll along the beautiful shore. Yep, Jimmy still likes that stroller! He also wants me to dress him, dry him, wipe his bum...where's my Mr Independent gone? Must be a stage.

Ahh, here's Mr Independent, back again. Jim made us a great little salad. I reckon he's not bad for a four year old! Jimmy just loves to cook and make culinary creations. Won't be long till I'm lazing in the hammock while he cooks dinner. As long as everyone's happy with sausages every night?

Love you Mr Cute Stuff. xx Mum Mum.