Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Boat Trip

Today we took a little boat trip around Bramble Bay. Kees was really excited as we took off in our motor boat! He didn't mind that we were going about three kilometres an hour. Or knots. Martine, we were thinking of you at your old home, Dohle's Rocks. (And did you see I put your lovely paper to good use for the hearts? :0) )

Jimmy's life jacket was a bit too big.

I have always longed to explore these little beaches that you can see from the Hornibrook bridge and I'm happy that we have finally done it! It felt like a million miles away, like Greece or something.
There were treasures to be found: we were lucky to spy hermit crabs cautiously creeping out of their shells...

and to hang out with this friendly "helican".

And then we all went back again, captained by a sumo wrestler.


  1. Oh Cath! A trip out in the boat - it does remind me of Dohles Rocks - if we were still living there you could have dropped in - or sped up in your boat! Hope your well!! Glad you have found your phone:) Love Martine

  2. PS. I love the hearts! They look lovely! Happy Anniversary to such a lovely couple too! I love your wedding photo! You look beautiful!


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