Sunday, March 20, 2011

Slimy Day

The kids loved this birthday gift so much....
that we just had to experience slime for ourselves!
I felt quite smug about my organisation: outside, all clothes off, individual slime bowls, individual buckets of warm water with a cloth each for washing off....
but when Matt got home, he still said, "What on earth happened here?" (Or it was something like that.)
Yes, well. They did really enjoy it though. They got a good half hour out of this activity.
It is SO easy: cornflour, water and food colouring. Doesn't it remind you of You Can't Do That On Television????

Happy Birthday, Jimmy!

Jimmy recently turned two! Happy birthday, dear, dear little man! We love you so.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hanging Out With Family #2

Thanks Claytons and Gibbins' - we enjoyed spending the afternoon with you! Let's do it more. Even if Mum and Dad let the kids swim in the disgusting dirty flood-polluted water. I just cannot let Mum supervise the kids around water; on her watch, Kees was bitten by an eel, fell in a duckpond and has frequently wet all his clothes. Love you Mum!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Eating Out

Our beaches are still closed, because of "ongoing health concerns due to recent flooding". Basically, there was a lot of rubbish, chemicals, poo and dead things got washed down our way, and it wouldn't be too healthy to swim in it.

But it isn't that milky brown colour anymore, and it's still a lovely place for us to play. We just love to take our dinner down and hang out for the afternoon. It's so much nicer than crazy-time at home. (I include myself in that description.)

It's my ideal for my children to be playing freely in nature, with a couple of friends. Today they had this great game going, being monkeys, fishing with sticks and using rocks to smash oyster shells.
Of course, my friend and I wandered over to have a look at their game, and immediately started interfering, making them share 'properly' and not be bossy. Then we realised that they were perfectly fine without us and we should just leave the poor kids alone to sort themselves out. Suits me!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Yes, I am a daggy Nanna-ish sewing Midsomer Murders lover, but my favourite dance style is....HIP HOP. Yep, I am trying to get a copy of our last dance so I can upload it to this spot! But today, I really want you to hear this way cool Aussie beatboxer, called Tom Thumb. This is the show he did on Triple J this morning (you need to skip forward to 37:00min), and these are some Youtube videos. Check em ooouuut ......