Friday, January 22, 2010

Sunset Dinner

I really do think you just can't beat spaghetti bolognaise. Everybody loves it!

Last night we bundled it up, chucked it in the boot and were down at the jetty in a flash, watching a magical sunset and eating Matt's yummo spag bol. I might just dare to share with you my mantra for this's I am manifesting my heart's desire. Doing things like this impromptu picnic are so worthwhile, even though they can seem like a bit of extra work. So this year, I am going to put in that effort to do what I would really like to do. Within reason of course; there won't be any horse-riding-in-Mongolia trips just yet.....


  1. Awww...beautiful Cath with your amazing family. Good for you for getting out there. I love your mantra. Where did Jimmy get that light hair from!?!?!?!? My friend Akiesha just sent me a book "Why you are Australian, A Letter To My Children" by Nikki Gemmell. Boy is it stiring up feelings in me that I didn't know where there!!!


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