Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dinosaur Style

We've been walking the dinosaur round here lately, with dino embellishments aplenty. It makes Jimmy wear things he wouldn't wear before. Yesss. Win to Mummy!

Gifts for Sweet Nieces

I love to sew things for little girls, but my lovely nieces have loads of gorgeous clothes already. So, after some thought, I made them some bunting with their names on. I loved working with all that 
pink, blue and purple!

I hope you like them, little ladies!

Actually, speaking of my brother...he's just been to the Baftas and is now heading to the Oscars. 
Good luck, David!!

Go Dave!!

Here's our brother David at the Baftas! He worked his butt off as Animation Supervisor for The Hobbit, and now he's been nominated for a Bafta and an Oscar. Awesome job, bro! And good luck!

 Here's what David wrote to us about it:

Hey guys,
Kylie and I just had lunch with Martin Nickolas. He had his girlfriend Anja with him, who is from Poland. Was great to catch up! We had a nice lunch at the restaurant here at the Savoy. This hotel is totally amazing, Mum you would absolutely love it here.

We're going to be heading off to the Baftas in an hour or so. I'm up at our hotel room, while Kylie is down getting her hair and makeup done. They have these Style Suites here at the Savoy where you can get all your hair and make up done - I even went down and had a barber guy give me the full cut throat razor shave! And, this is the best bit, the give the nominees a free watch! Crazy hey? Kylie even got one too.

Last night we attended the pre Bafta Cocktail party, and when we got out of the car, everyone mistook Kylie for Amy Adams - a famous actress. So they had her pose for photos on the red carpet! A barrage of flash photography fired up like machine gun fire! It was so funny! I put my arm round her waist for a few of the photos but then they asked if they could just get her by herself again!
 So all that's left to do now is put on my dinner suit and head down to be picked up in the VIP car... which is a brand new Audi R8! Totally crazy time but we are looking forward to heading home tomorrow to see the girls.

Anyway, you may see us in the background somewhere, or, if in the unlikely chance we win, you'll see me up on the stage!

Talk soon, 

Dave xx

And here is a link to an article about him.

What the !!??

Check it out: my nerdy brother and Snoop Dog! Too funny.