Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our 11th Anniversary

This frangipani tree is very special to me. When we got married, eleven years ago (gulp), we picked bunches of flowers from the original tree, in Toowong cemetery, for the vases on the tables at our wedding. When we bought our home in Woody Point, six months later, we took a cutting from that tree and planted it in our front garden. I think it is a good omen that it has flourished! Thank goodness ;0).

Ah yes, the happy couple. Check out Matt's hair! Thanks so much to Mum who lovingly restored our wedding album; all the photos in the one I made stuck together, because I stupidly didn't put that special paper between the pages. Eek.

We had a lovely day yesterday, despite our best babysitters being in NZ! I don't really have any words of wisdom about marriage or anything. I just know that I am lucky to have a GOOD MAN. A good, kind man. xx


  1. Awwwwwwww....congratulations on 11 years. And Matt - LOVE the hair. Do you realise (apart from the hair) you guys have not aged at all!!!

  2. Congrats on 11 years! What a great picture - you were a beautiful bride!
    The frangipani is lovely


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