Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finding New Creeks!

This post is a bit belated (like pretty much all of mine) and it is from summer. There is no way I'd be swimming in creeks now - it's freezing! Can you believe the maximum temperature today is 16! And it's raining, and Matt's home, and that is why I am having a little sit at the computer for a change.

So, last summer, it was very exciting to find some beautiful sparkling creeks to swim in, that aren't too far away. We whiled away those hot afternoons in fresh clean waters. I can't wait to make this a regular weekend outing next summer.

PS: Check out Matt's cool V-neck ;0)

A Bit of Tidying

A little bit of tidying goes such a long way, don't you think? It feels like you've cleaned a little part of your brain, as well. Freed up just a small compartment of mental space.

Until you go into the next room....