Friday, April 19, 2013

Koalas and Gutter Children

The other afternoon, we were at our dear friends', playing in the drain, as you do, when we spotted a koala in the backyard!

We all oohed and ahhed at its cuteness, all snuggled up there asleep in the branch.

But later, it climbed down the tree and just sat in the water. We think it must have had chlamydia. We called the wildlife carer who came and took the poor thing. The prognosis wasn't good, I'm afraid. It's so sad.

We went to Alma Park Zoo the other day and they gave us some statistics on the koalas of Brisbane. There are 4000 left and they're dying at a rate of 1000 a year. Horrifying.

So: plant koala food trees, keep your cats and dogs under control and fight for preservation of bush and wildlife corridors. Also put the number of your local vet or wildlife carer in your phone so you can report any sick, injured or dead koalas. xx

Thrift Shop

I'm so thrilled to hear this song:

 Shout out to all my secondhand brothers and sisters: this song is a celebration! Woohoo! Put it on while you browse through Salvo's...


Caution: some naughty words.

What We've Been Sewing

We've been making some cool stuff round here lately. 

Kees is stoked with his new bag, made out of a chook food sack and some herringbone tape. He "stayed up late" till 8 o'clock sewing with me. ;0) It makes for a great, durable all-purpose or swimming bag.

I spent a few nights going cross-eyed sewing this little cutie from a lovely library book of French-ish designs. (I can look up the name if you want.) Thanks for the linen, Nanny. See, I did use it!

Some rockin' monster men...

... a groovy happy cushion....

...and some cute summer jarmies from an op-shopped cot sheet.

Where I Live

Storm coming...

... an amazing sky.

Nanny's Quilt

Dear Nanny,

Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt you made Matt and me. It is absolutely gorgeous - a true work of art. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into it. This quilt will be a treasured family heirloom for years to come.

Love from us xoxoxo

NZ News - A New Arrival!

Welcome baby Sylvie!

Sorry this is so late!

Beautiful photos provided by the proud Daddy Dave.

Another Beautiful Bushwalk

A little hidden pathway at sunset....

Paleo Banana Pancakes

If you want to make some satisfying banana pikelets that are Paleo (also dairy/gluten free) just whip up a sweet scrambled egg mixture - eggs and maple syrup - then add some almond meal, dessicated coconut and chopped bananas, then fry in coconut oil. They were great and disappeared fast!

Dad in NZ

At the airport... Despite walking straight past this sign:

Dad forgot about an apple in his pocket and paid a $400 fine. Ouchy wa wa!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Made a Lampshade

 Yonks ago, I saw this project in a Real Living mag. It stuck in my mind as something I'd like to make one day, so I'd always kept my eye out for lamp shade frames when op shopping. My lucky day came when a friend had a garage sale and her Mum sold me the perfect frame for five bucks. All I had to do was choose some yarn from my hand-me-down stash, and get weaving! Jane would be so happy she no longer had to abide my naked light bulbs. All good things come to those who wait...

The inspiration
I got by with a little help from my friends ;0)
And 'twas done!

Let there be light!
Actually, I was just thinking, a way you could probably cheat with this, is to use a plant hanging basket frame. I might do this for those naked bulbs in the hallway!

Holiday Tennis

Kees has had a ball playing tennis in a holiday clinic at our local tennis centre. He absolutely loved it. I enjoyed seeing him when I picked him up, all red-faced, sweaty and happy. He made good progress - perhaps he's inherited some skill from Nanny Chris and Digger! 'Cause it sure wasn't from me.
Not sure what he's up to here...

What a serve!

Happy boy.


It's important to me that he learns from other people, not just me, so this term he's signed up for trampolining, tennis, Montessori maths, art and Mandarin lessons, in addition to our Teaching and Learning Co-op and other miscellaneous workshops. Should be fun!