Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jimmy's Birthday

Happy birthday three-year-old!
What a big boy you are.
You've grown so strong and clever,
You really are a star.

You know how to use a lot of tools,
You know how to hammer and drill,
You know how to dig in the garden,
And grow things like parsley and dill.

You love to play with your brother, Kees;
You love to climb and run;
You love to do so many things,
As long as you're having fun.

Like jumping on the trampoline
Or riding your bike with Dad.
Gliding your scooter down Bev's drive
Is something that makes you glad.

Another thing you love to do
That keeps you nice and cool
Is sliding down your slippery slide
And landing in your pool!

So we hope you have a lovely day
When you go up to Maleny:
Lots of cake and gifts and games
With all your friends and family.

Love from Grandma

Ahh, little Jimmy. You are a pure charming delight and we are all in love with you. xoxoxoxoxo Mummy

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I want the Funny Card

Most mornings at breakfast time, the kids and I each choose a card from a selection I made. I was thinking it would be a nice way to encourage us all to be mindful of virtues in our day.

We each choose one, but the kids have their favourites. If Kees pulls out "obedient" (which he often seems to - funny, that) he crosses his eyes, goes all droopy and sighs loudly. Then he puts it back and sorts through the box until he finds the "happy" card.

And Jimmy? He just asks me for the "funny" card. Don't worry, Jim. You've already got funny pretty sorted. ;0)