Monday, January 28, 2013

Cyclone Oswald

Well, after a long hot period without rain, we have had Cyclone Oswald. At first I was grateful for the deep, soaking rain. We had some great plays in it, riding the inflatable boogie board down the drain and sliding in the giant puddles all over the football field. But as it gained momentum, I began to feel uneasy. I didn't sleep well last night, with all the big gusts of wind. I actually was a bit scared! 

And look at our backyard this morning:

We copped it. Our poor trees. I loved that beautiful big olive tree!

So that's been a bit of excitement in the neighbourhood. And Jimmy shouted with glee, "Hooray, that's our playground now!"

But guess what happened to our friends? Their trampoline got swept up two storeys and crashed into the neighbours roof! And the neighbours are away on holidays....oh boy.

I hope you are all safe and well and Oswald behaves himself in your area!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Summer Breezes

The other night, I went outside, when everyone else was asleep. My three boys were snoring contentedly together, a jumble of limbs.  The neighbours had turned off their 4BC and staggered into bed.
It was most enchanting.
All was hushed. I heard whispering leaves, crickets and a lonely car driving past in the distance.
I felt the breeze blowing on my face and hair.
I was filled by the sight of the moon, glowing like a luminous pearl between the silhoutted leaves and branches.
And I smelt the most beautiful balmy summer perfume. It was delicious!

I went out the next day to discover the magic ingredients of that perfumed breeze. If you're a subtropical dweller, you can probably give a good guess...



and "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow".

Now if only I could bottle that up, I think I'd be rich....

What does your breeze smell like?

(And no funny business, Tamara!)

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Ahh, summer. It's really hot. Sometimes I don't enjoy it, but I've decided to embrace it!

There's a lot to love, like pineapple mint a summertime glass ;0)

Fleshy, succulent good!


And these beautiful crocuses on the footpath after a storm.

I hope you're enjoying your summer too. Or winter! xoxo

Just Squeezing in a Few More Christmas Things!

I thought the kids would really get into making these decorations. After all, stabbing pins into styrofoam balls...well, I thought they'd love it. They didn't. But I did! I made this:

Not that I'm saying it's better than what Jimmy made:
a cool little man.

But on Boxing Day, Uncle Ben surprised us all by giving out these reindeer treats, 
that he'd actually made himself!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

His n Hers Mugs

This is Matt before he has his coffee:

This is Matt after he drinks his coffee:

It smelt so good it made me want one, so he made me this. Aw shucks.

And we enjoyed our coffee together in our very groovy matching mugs from the op shop.

The Love Jar

There's nothing like a bit of bribery to get you out of trouble with the kids. I have to say I was feeling a bit grumpy putting up with all the bickering and whining. And my reactions probably weren't helping either....I seem to recall something about boarding school...

Anyway, why not resort to a bit of "positive reinforcement" aka "bribery"? I slapped a love heart on a jar, got out some wooden beads and explained to the beasties - sorry, children - that every time they did something loving, or used nice manners, or helped as soon as they were asked etc, I would put a bead in the jar. Their reward would be a dessert of their choice when the jar was full.

I was pretty generous with the beads; it's hard for little people to wait too long and I didn't want the interest to wane! What a change in my children! When it was almost full (about two weeks later) Alfie the Elf helped out one night and filled it to the top.

Kees had chosen the dessert, agreed upon by Jimmy and wholeheartedly supported by me: 
 raspberry ice-cream. 
I took the opportunity and got him to write out a shopping list.

We bought the ingredients, and made the ice-cream and darn, it was good!

Now we're working to fill up the jar again!