Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Summer Afternoon

I've had this post in drafts for so long, since last Summer, in fact. I guess I didn't really know what to write. I just loved the photos and the beautiful sunlight. I still don't know what to write. Only that this was a lovely afternoon with gorgeous people that made me feel like I was on holidays at home. And that everything was just right.  xx

Sunday, March 3, 2013

NZ News - Our Weekend Visit

Oh boy, it's about time I documented a few items of news from New Zealand! With all this talk of Dave's brilliance, I realised it was high time I caught up with my planned posts about our visit to NZ. My generous Mum bought me a ticket so she and I could go together to visit for the weekend. Thanks heaps, Mum.

There were cuddles with David and Esme!

And lots of reading Winnie the Pooh....

 Books in bed = a good chance for another cuddle. Sure, I'll read you another one...and another one...

Delicious cosy cafe food...

And the pleasure of shopping amongst gorgeous breakables, without two little boys.

A spot of baking...

And a bit more cuddling before it was time to go home.

Back home to my darlings, who I missed terribly! I had had serious misgivings about leaving them for the weekend, especially little Jimmy. Leaving them with only Matt....was that a recipe for disaster? Would they miss me and cry inconsolably all night? Here's what the authors of Sh*tty Mum have to say about it:

They are disloyal to a fault.
Within five minutes of your departure, Dad will give them ice cream and they'll be like, "Mum who?" 

Dad is their favourite.
Unless their father is the Great Santini, a week alone with Dad is spring break for kids. It's a vacation from brushing teeth and taking baths. It's M&Ms for breakfast, frosting for lunch and sugar cubes for dinner. And a 10pm bedtime.

You aren't even number two.
Not only does Dad occupy first place in their hearts, but second place goes to anyone who lets them watch T.V. As you sob in your hotel room, unable to enjoy quiet and solitude, your kid is telling the babysitter that she's prettier than Mummy.

Remember: The only thing they'll say when you get home is, "What did you get me?" 

(Lord, how I am enjoying this book! It is TOO funny.)

So, I'm not sure exactly what they got up to in three days, but the kids were certainly filthy and knackered. I think they had fun though....

And I really, really enjoyed my sleep!

Rainy Day Play

Rain! Rain! And more rain!

Thank goodness for indoor play centres. I don't care which baby's nappy leaked out into the ball pit, or which kid's vomit flowed like lava down the giant slides, I embrace these play centres wholeheartedly. The kids have a blast and I get to sit and chat idly with a friend. Or play with my phone.

I just make them wash their sweaty little hands lots of times. ;0)

Here's my list of Rainy Day Outings:

  1.  Visit friends (and get their house wet and muddy instead)
  2. Indoor play centre
  3. Hungry Jack's playground
  4. Indoor heated pool
  5. Bunnings playground (although it is depressingly grey in there and smells of Osmocote)
  6. McDonald's playground (now that I have broken my cherry and eaten there again for the first time after a 17 year ban, due to Amazon deforestation and global domination)
  7. Library
  8. Art gallery
  9. Movies
  10. Osprey House environmental centre
  11. Rainy walk outside
  12. Rainy adventure (boogey boarding down the creek/mud sliding in the park - just do it)
  13. Or grocery shopping if you want to get it out of the way and spend a sunny day doing something fun instead.
Have you got any other ideas?? Because the forecast is looking grim. And as we speak, Jimmy is in the kitchen making a delicious recipe with: basil, honey, icing sugar, vanilla essence, soy milk and salmon dip. Bless his little creative spirit.

"Mmmm, this is actually really good!"
"Euurr, that's disgusting!"
"Nooo, you have to dip it with bread. Kees thinks this is disgusting. Will you try some?"

 Looks like we might need to go to McDonald's again soon.

I tried a burger. And dammit, I liked it. xx

The Loveliness of Eggs

Aren't eggs just lovely? So warm. Such a soft colour. So humble. Perfect little packages.
I found these photos and they brought back memories of last Autumn, on a beautiful quiet sunny morning.
I needed to look at photos to remember what the sun looks like....'cause we haven't seen it here for ages! 
Just rain, rain, rain.
But we can still have eggs for breakfast.