Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Water Cycle Lesson Plan

Well folks, looks like we've got MORE rain on the way, just in case we hadn't had enough already! So if your shoulders are drooping with dread at the thought of another few days indoors with your little treasures, fear not! You might enjoy trying our water cycle lesson plan!

This was the first website I used. It's very simple for little learners and has some good basic printables.
We read through those sheets, then did an experiment. You boil some water, hold a piece of card or plastic above the steam to catch it, then discuss how it condenses back into liquid to fall back down, like rain. This was a very easy but helpful experiment.

We enjoyed this catchy animated song about the water cycle on Youtube.

And this cool water cycle rap would be great for upper primary kids.

This little short animation is nice and simple too, while you're there.

We made boats.

Then the highlight of the day was the rainy walk and play.

We came home, had a hot shower and some lunch, then curled up on the couch to watch
The Magic Schoolbus - "Wet All Over".I'm so glad I found The Magic Schoolbus! They have episodes about all different topics and I plan on using them a lot.

Then we sewed some rain clouds. You need: grey felt, grey embroidery thread, scissors, sewing needles, stuffing, clear beads and clear thread (optional).

Lastly we made a rainy day soundscape, recording our voices singing "Rain, Rain, Go Away". We overlapped this with pitter-pattering, a rainstick and chimes to make our soundscape. The kids liked it more than I thought they would. I guess everyone likes the sound of their own voice. What's that? You don't?

We hope you enjoy learning about the water cycle as much as we did. Now that we've done it, I'll have to think up another way to embrace this week's rainy weather ...

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