Friday, July 27, 2012

Sorry Toad...

This year, our overarching educational theme has been the beginning of the universe and the evolution of life on Earth. I haven't really posted any of our activities because I keep forgetting. We are up to Stone Age people now. I did, however, want to share a very successful activity in case you would like to give it a go....or not.

Whilst studying Amphibians, I thought a toad dissection might be of interest and relevance to the children. It really was! The kids were completely engrossed (and grossed) by this activity.

So. First you need to duck and dive around the backyard with rubber gloves and a plastic bag, and catch a few of the pesky varmints. I should let you know that toads are a big-time PEST in Australia.

The most humane way to end their days is by popping the bag in the fridge for an hour or two so they can go to sleep - just ignore the rustlings - then into the freezer overnight.

Thaw them out, and you have your specimens:

We pinned ours out with sewing pins on the lid of a polystyrene fruit and veg box.

Yes, Tamara, to your undoubted mortification, they are my sewing scissors!

Max trying not to be sick. At the end, he got up the courage to have a go, and unexpectedly chopped off the toad's foot. It's always those quiet ones...

Just check out the concentration!

Lucy: "I've got the heart!" Mwahahahah...also one of those quiet ones.

Future brain surgeons? Or maybe they'll just be really good at "Operation"!

You can watch a short animated film on called "Cane Toad: What Happened to Baz" here. It was made by my brother and his friend, and shot them both on their way to brilliant careers!

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