Monday, July 16, 2012

Blustery Days

Firstly, I need to say: I am totally in love with Jimmy's cuteness. I could just watch and listen to him all day. I don't know if it is because he is little, or because he sings "Jack and Jill", or says "creeped", or giggles his head off when we play Gorilla on the trampoline. There are so many things that make me die from cuteness overload.Jimmy is so lovely, he makes me want to have more babies. Somebody please talk me out of this. In light of overpopulation.

On this day, we enjoyed a lovely afternoon with some beautiful sisters at the park. The sun shone, the wind blew, the children played, we drank tea and listened to Jane's hilarious tales of skiiing. Please write a book, Jane! We say "kill two birds with one stone"; in Holland they say "swat two flies with one smack"! Kind of looks like two flies down there.... two very pretty flies of course. ;0)

Then it was time for everyone to scurry home to cosy dinners and baths. With a pot of soup all ready, we were able to stay a bit longer. Yay! I hate leaving at the most beautiful time of day....

So, the boys and I went for a walk. It was blustery and freezing and fresh, the sunset was crisp, clear and perfect, and I loved it so much!

Where we live, really cold weather like this is reasonably rare, so to me it is precious. We lived in London for two years and I just loved the seasons. Now, if I don't get a good "wintering", I miss it. A bit like a bulb that needs to get really cold before it can bloom. ;0)

In winter, I enjoy nothing more than a bracing walk out in the fresh air, with my warm coat and my face all nice and cold. If it's cold I love it, if it's windy too, I'm in heaven! What a great way to clear out a few cobwebs. I should do this more often. xx

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