Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Breakfast Date With My Boys

My dear husband has been working away from home so he can very kindly earn the money for keeping us all alive. I'm usually quite "thrifty" but the other morning I thought I'd do myself a favour and spend a bit of that money on taking my little blokes out for brekkie.

After prowling the cafe strip for free-range eggs (hard to find!!) we finally found a spot and enjoyed our delicious breakfast. Kees ordered the Big Breakfast; I thought he was just being a pig, but he managed it. The waiter was a bit lost for words when he came out and all our plates were scraped clean. I think he may have doubted our commitment  ;o)

It was such a glorious morning, we wanted to stay and play all day.

The bothersome problem was, we needed food, so we packed ourselves off again and tackled the groceries. Wouldn't a personal assistant be great. Just send them off to do all those irksome jobs and play at the beach all day instead. xx

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  1. Yes - a personal assistant would be great! Amazing Kees ate a whole big breakfast! Looking forward to catching up tomorrow!
    :) Martine


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