Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sweet Potato Harvest

When the flowers bloom on your sweet potato vine,

 it's time to have a little dig around for a harvest!

Harvesting is so fun: everyone digging around madly, keen eyes searching for hidden roots, shouts of excitement when a big one is found!

We got some weird and wonderful shapes, but they'll be good for mash. (For our x-rated shape, see below. If you are of a delicate disposition you may like to avert your eyes from the two bottom photos.)

 There was a bit of over-enthusiastic picking, so some baby sweet potatoes went back into the earth for some more growing.

We're on the Paleo Diet now, so lots of sweet potatoes are going to come in really handy.

Warning: rude photos below!!

My husband and his "yam".


  1. not sure what to say... umm poor Catherine?

  2. Bahahahahahah.
    Love Tam.


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