Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rainy Holiday # 1

The reason I was so elated to have a SUNNY beach holiday at Fraser Island, was because all our other holidays this year have been RAINY!! I feel like such a brat, complaining about the rain causing inconvenience to our holidays, while some people's homes have been washed away, but you know when you're so looking forward to a holiday at the beach.....and then it rains torrentially? While we were at Straddie, it rained so much, our chooks at home got flooded and our poor neighbour was beside herself dithering about what to do with them.

Of course we kept our spirits up as best we could, forging ahead to the beach, creeks and lakes with our rain jackets on or between showers, but when we'd had enough of that, playing with chocolate - CHOCOLATE, folks, not poo - in the bath was fun.

There were periods of respite between the rains and we put these to good use, often doing our favourite headland walk. Spot the wallaby?

The kids didn't seem to care about the weather. Funny how they don't put a value on things - if it's raining, it's raining, if it's cold, it's cold - who cares? I think I can learn from this ;0)

I tried a bit of art-making, inspired by Lynne at Sugar City Journal. It was fun. I enjoyed it. Then Jimmy squished it, but that's the ephemeral nature of beach art - all good. Sigh.

Thank goodness for Grandma and Grandpa!

I did force myself to go for one swim, and I tried hard to enjoy it, grimacing words cheerfully through chattering teeth, like "refreshing!" and "bracing!" and "invigorating!" but it was so cold and windy and fraught with bluebottles, that I hurried out after about thirty seconds.

Didn't stop those kids though!

And then, something strange began to happen.....

What? Could that be ? A glimmer of sunlight??


Even the bees were happy.

We really, really enjoyed those one and a half days of sun.
Everything felt right again. But when the rain came back, at least we could console ourselves with ....

Thanks for putting up with this very long and self-indulgent post. xx


  1. Wow glad you got a little bit of sun in there!!! Go hard to find the good in those constant rainy days, expeically on holidays and even more so when you go half way round the world to see a friend and it rains the whole time and snows! Sigh. I still feel bad about that!! It has actually been raining here for the past 2 days and melting all our beautiful, fluffy snow :( Will write or call soon - lots to catch up on!!!! lOve ya mate

  2. Hi Cath!! I'm glad you got a little bit of sun at Straddie! I love that gelati shop too - it makes the trip to Straddie even sweeter! I hope you and the family are well! Love lots, Martine


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