Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Old Man's a Truckie

Guess who's got a new job?

Matt! Yep, he got sick of building - the erratic work and pay, hot weather and stress - and has now got a new job as a truck driver delivering food to cafes on the south side. This work is very consistent and not too demanding on the grey matter which is just what Matt wanted, at least for a few years. Then he might train to be a TAFE teacher so he can get lots of holidays! (Cause that's why we all go into teaching, right??) The only bad thing is he has to get out of bed at 3.45am to start work at 5.00am. Euuggghhh. But he gets spoilt with iced coffees all day and the only bad thing is the odd grumpy chef. Good on you, Matt; it takes courage to make a change like that when you're the sole breadwinner for the family. Thanks for working hard and earning money so I can spend it. ;0) You're the best! xxxxxxx

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