Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting Inspired for Home Schooling!

Do you ever have those times when you're stuck in a rut? The kids are playing up and you know there's some solution but you can't see it because you're too much in the middle of it? Oh boy. I was praying for some inspiration and then this book came in for me at the library. It is just what I needed! Beautiful toys to make and good ideas for playing with them (for when your imagination needs a bit of help). There's a wealth of inspiration on the net but sometimes the amount can be overwhelming and eye-straining, and you just can't beat lying on the couch with a good book while everyone else is fast asleep. Ahh.

But the most amazing and inspiring pictures I have seen on the internet so far? Just feast your eyes on this spectacular, magical and enchanting playroom:
This belongs to one Ariella of a blog called "Childhood Magic" (more photos here) but to my bitter disappointment, it doesn't seem to be running anymore. Sigh.
I would love to create something like this upstairs. I can dream, can't I?
Anyway, after much thought and consideration, I actually have a plan for our home schooling! Our first theme will be .... ICE-CREAM. Yes, I wanted to get things off to a positive start. Apart from our usual outings, like playgroup and the park with friends etc, we will have a theme around which to base a few activities. For ICE-CREAM, we will make a pretend ice-cream shop, learn some ice-cream songs and rhymes, make real ice-cream and of course, visit the real ice-cream shop. The other dimensions to our schooling will be a weekly value/virtue such as gratitude or generosity, and a home task like folding clothes or using a dustpan and brush. It will all be a pretty loose sort of a set-up, although I'll need to get organised to make sure the activities get an allocated space in the week. I'm looking forward to it. It's so good to have some direction!


  1. Perhaps I could come and be home schooled by you... just for the ice cream lessons! Yum. Looking forward to seeing how the schooling progresses over the year. Good luck!

    Also, I love this website for simply crafted toys (including lots of boy friendly ones).

  2. Im glad youve found some inspiration to get you out of your rut (ah yes, we all have those!) I loved childhood magic blog, so sad that its gone now:( It had so many great craft ideas and her photos are amazing. Have fun learning about ice cream!


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