Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January is Cleaning Month

Ahhh, a New Year's Eve picnic. Christmas was over (sigh of relief) and nothing pressing to do for a while. I couldn't wait to get into January - it has been assigned to getting rid of stuff! The rules: give away as much as possible and start nothing new.
Well, unless sewing something new means helping to clean up. I enjoyed making these little toy bags to organise a few bits and bobs, and now I can hang them on hooks on the back of Kees' door. That definitely counts as cleaning up. Tomorrow, I'm dropping off my third boot-load of stuff to Lifeline and it feels GOOD! I hope someone will get some joy out of our unused things.

I like this quote from a Pamela Allen book:

Happiness is not getting what you want
It's wanting what you've got.

Nice, hey?

How I get anything done around here is a mystery to me.

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  1. Good on you Cath!! Having a clean out is the best! It also makes more room for new opshopping treasures:)) It takes alot of self control not to look around too much at the opshop while dropping things off! :)) Hope your well! Love Martine


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