Sunday, May 2, 2010

Poor Kees

(Warning: the fifth photo in this post is a yukky one of Kees' wound, so skip it if you like. If you can resist.)
Here is poor Kees, miserable in hospital with a broken hand and foot.
How did he end up here? He climbed up an old gravestone, the marble cross came loose and he fell, with the marble block crushing his foot and hand. It was a horrifying experience with lots of blood and an ambulance...
but our little boy was very, very brave and is now on the road to recovery.... with 3-4 weeks in a cast! What???!!! We are well-prepared with puzzles, sticker books, treats, movies, bubbles, sewing, the stroller, books and more books. Keeping Kees still is quite a challenge, but we are just so grateful as he really is very lucky to be all in one piece.
A special thank you to all you lovely people who have helped out with good wishes, prayers, gifts and meals (Sharon, Vikki, Nanny and Grandma). Your help is truly appreciated. And a big thank you to Mum, for clamping your hand over the wound and not letting go!
Watch out, the yukky picture is next.

Ohhhhh. Ouch. Poor love.


  1. hi there Cath! Poor Kees! He looks very brave! I'm so glad he is on the road to recovery. Noah and I would love to pop in for a little visit later in the week and we have a little something for him. Thinking of you guys and so, so glad Kees is in one piece! Much love, Martine

  2. Oh poor Kees. So pleased he is recovering well. I can't imagine how scary this must have been for you as well. Hope you can manage to keep him quiet & the next few weeks goes quickly.
    Have a lovely day
    Renata :)

  3. Oh my darling Cath! I just got back online after moving and what a shock!! Poor Kees and poor you. What a terrible scare for you all. Sending you big love and kisses and lots of patience.
    Love Stace and the boys


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