Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Secret Nest

We love our six chooks: they lay really well and make excellent, patient pets. They've had various names, but I think, at the moment, we might have Joyce, Gloria, Henny, Penny, Daphne and Maude. Kees has spent countless hours playing in the chook pen: pottering around, cuddling chooks and sitting in the feed bucket with no pants on. Today Jimmy had his first solo venture into the pen, and he loved it! There was much finger-pointing and many high-pitched exclamations of "Oooh!" A little while ago, we couldn't work out why our diligent hens had suddenly gone off the lay. Was it the rain? The mud? Mosquitoes? Stress caused by little people trying to cuddle them all the time? No. Those clever ladies had made themselves a Secret Nest. I feel sad that they wish they could hatch these eggs, but I guess someone's gunna have to tell them about the birds and the bees. You need a rooster for that, girls.

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