Friday, May 7, 2010

Hitchcock's "The Birds"

Ahh, it looks like the angels were smiling upon us as we walked through this lovely rainforest at Mt Mee. I love this picture.
Gigantic trees.....and gigantic mosquitoes...
accompanied us as we enjoyed a lovely stroll through the bush. We had had grand ideas of - gasp! - camping, but chickened out when we thought of a few things, namely: sleeping all together in a two-man tent (eek, memories of backpacking in Europe); co-ordinating bed times; and having to go to sleep at 6.30pm. Basically everything to do with sleep. So we drove up for the afternoon and a picnic dinner instead. We were almost camping.
After our walk we got the fire going - anyone with boys knows this is the manly highlight of the day - while friendly currawongs, magpies and kookaburras peacefully watched from the trees. We then tucked into our meal with gusto. As I held my sausage-in-bread, poised to pop in my mouth, one of those cheeky kookaburras seized his opportunity and pecked it out of my hand, swooping through like a kamikaze and cutting my hand in three places (which I couldn't quite work out). I shrieked embarrassingly of course, and there was blood, truly, not just tomato sauce. That Hitchcock movie always did give me the creeps.
Huh, Mr Kookaburra, you might have had the last laugh today, but I'll be the one laughing when you're jumping up and down with your pants on fire on the electric wire. Yes, yes.

PS: Our crazy son is doing very well despite his disability and was actually running around today. Give me strength. No really, I am so grateful to have such a strapping lad.


  1. At least the bird didn't poo on you as well!!! Glad to hear Kees is up and 'running' though(oh brother). Cath, I love the way you wrote this post. I could hear you telling this story and imagine all your actions - it was like I was right there in your kitchen hearing it all first hand! Still wish I was there to see your scars...and give you a hug of course :)

  2. It is so beautiful up there - what a lovely time you had (well except for the kookaburra thing - I had no idea they were so ferocious!)
    Those pictures are just lovely!
    Glad Kees is going well
    Have a very Happy Mothers Day
    Renata :)

  3. Cath! I love the photos! Mt Mee is such a beautiful bush getaway! That is a cheeky kookaburra! :) Martine


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