Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Denim-ish Dress

For starters, I'd like to apologise for these dorky photos. I just wanted to post my newly-sewn dress that I actually like wearing. This was not a great pose to flatter the dress but cripes, how I hate "modelling"! I feel like the biggest idiot.

It is New Look pattern number 6775 and I really like it. I think New Look is my favourite pattern brand - the fitting is always good for me. I used a very light denim fabric and added trim at the neck and pockets, and shortened it a bit to make it less Mumsy and more sixties. I'm sure I will use this pattern again, if not for a dress, then a top or even a t-shirt.

I know it looks a bit short in these pics, but I did ask my Mum, and she said it was fine! So I figure it must be okay if it meets Mum's standards. And of course I wore bike pants underneath. Although, looking at it now, I think I just might lower that hem a bit.

I must admit to being a bit of an achievement-orientated perfectionist. When I sew, I enjoy taking the time to make it neat, inside and out. I would rather handstitch a facing inside, even though you would never see it (nobody's marking me out of ten, right? Or are they?). It just feels satisfying, like I am making a quality item. I usually religiously zigzag edges but on this dress I thought I'd found a great short cut: cutting it out with pinking shears. Well, a word to the wise's not a short cut. The seams frayed anyway, after a wash and wear, so I still had to zigzag . So, no cushions for cushion month, but a dress instead. xx


  1. Cath it's beautiful and you look like a sexy mumma!!! Great job mate. Soooo...are you taking orders?

  2. What a great job you've done! I love the pattern & it suits you!
    I also zigzag the seams - hadn't thought of the shortcut, but thanks for the tip in not to use it had I ever thought of it (does that make sense??0
    Have a great day

  3. Yay I am now a "follower" makesure you take me down a good path love!!! Cool dress - nice to see it on you and not hanging up! Speak soon, and promise not to turn this blog into a means of communication between us hahaha! I do love tho and yes it does make yr life look perfect - oh that's cause it is!


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