Thursday, March 11, 2010


For some reason, I have always found 4.30pm to be one of my favourite times of day, and in this beautiful dappled Autumn weather it is just delightful.

A stroll down the street to pick a posy of flowers is a lovely way to spend the time.

If you are sitting under (or in) a tree then it's extra good. I used to climb the bottle-brush when I was a kid and sit up there all afternoon.

There's just something about that sunlight. It's a kind of quiet and soft time.

What's your favourite time?

PS: I am having some blogging difficulties - can you help? When I upload pictures, they don't appear on my draft as pictures, just all that gobbledeegook text. I must have pressed some weird setting but wouldn't have a CLUE how to change it back. That explains my lack of posting lately. Any ideas?


  1. beautiful pictures Cath - I love around that time of day too - the sun is less harsh and if it is really hot you normally start to get the cool sea breeze coming in.

    Enjoy your weekend, luv janine xxx

  2. Hi there Cath! Yes I am loving this autumn weather and the beautiful light too! Apparently that soft light does wonders for the human brain...take it in I say :) Also, I know the blogging problem you are having, I'm not sure how to switch it back but if you save your draft once you have uploaded photos then open it post again in blogger and go to the option of compose at the top right of the blog post it will turn it back to pictures!! Love lots, looking forward to seeing you soon!
    Love Martine


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