Friday, February 5, 2010

Welcome to Our Home!

I had been searching the op shops for a good book basket to try to tidy the loving sprawl of books around the loungeroom, and I finally happened upon this one. It was pretty manky with a gross dirty plastic lining with gingham underneath. I cut out the lining, but before chucking it in the bin....thought it just might be salvageable....

and after a bit of delectable afternoon time as the kids napped, which I relished with much glee and just a teensy tinge of guilt, ie, wasn't washing up or cooking dinner...

and some very diligent sandplay supervision...

and the addition of some jaunty spotted ribbon...

"Welcome" to our home!

I am feeling good about reusing that "awful" lining; I think I would have been quite handy in the Depression. Could've made Matt some undies out of it. ;0)

People sometimes ask me how I find the time to do these things. Really I love it, so I make time for it, but also, it is amazing what you can get done if you just do a tiny bit here and there: thread the sewing maching here, find a scrap of fabric there, iron interfacing here, do a bit of handsewing there. At first it can seem like a project is insurmountable - and I've had a couple on the go for years - but, if you just keep at it a little bit at a time, guess what? You will finish it! And you know what else? It's fun anyway, so who cares? The washing up, however, may just be piling up on the sink... now that's what I call insurmountable. xx


  1. Cath! I love the book basket and you would have been very handy in the depression...I bet Matt is glad you haven't made him any gingham undies :) I really love the welcome sign too!! I'm inspired!! Have a great weekend! Love Martine

  2. I LOVE the sign Cath. It looks amazing!! I am going to wait in anticipation for the gingham undies - classic - you should totally do it!! Or some sexy bike shorts...hahaha. Oh how I miss you.


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