Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kees Starts Kindy

It was Kees' second day at kindy today.

And he loved it!

Even though, last night, when I casually said, "You've got kindy tomorrow", he shot me a What-you-talkin'-about-Willis look and asked disbelievingly: "What did you say?" followed by moaning, "Owwww, I don't WANT to go to kindy!" and having a few little tanties this morning.

When he finished this afternoon, he came outside beaming and said, "Mummy, I didn't even miss you at all!" which I was very pleased to hear. Last week, on his first day, he came out and said, "Mummy, I missed you so so much! I was so sad of you!"

But we missed him!

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  1. Glad he enjoyed it - it is so much easier in the long run if they like it!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend
    Renata :)


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