Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Avatar - My Talented Brother

I am here to openly boast about the awesome talents of my younger brother Dave. He was Animation Supervisor for Avatar!!! How cool is that? We finally got to see the movie after persuading Mum and Dad to babysit for three hours and we absolutely loved it. It really was truly amazing! We even both dreamt about it that night. Dave, you did the most wonderful job - a million congratulations!

If you go see it, look for his name - David Clayton - in the credits under Weta Digital 3D Animation (I think). We're all very proud. :0)


  1. Haven't seen the movie as yet but Paul loved it and was very impressed when I told him your brother was the Animation Supervisor!!

  2. Tell your brother he did a GREAT JOB! We saw the movie in Australia in an old country movie theatre and saw it in 2D( Told you it was an old movie theatre) and loved it SO MUCH when we got home from our holiday we went to the proper Village cinema near our home in Melbourne and saw it again in 3D with the whole family again!
    Brilliant movie


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