Friday, February 12, 2010

I Love Libraries!

I would like to open with a quote in praise of libraries, by a man called Dan Riley. He says, "...libraries speak of a culture's respect for its past, its faith in its future, and its dedication to seeking truth." He also talks about the generosity inherent in the building of libraries for all people.
I share his love of libraries and also marvel at the generosity of such a wonderful resource. How lucky are we?

I absolutely LOVE children's books, especially the ones with the kind of illustrations that transport you to another world and are so crucial to the development of little imaginations.
When we stagger out the door I can hardly carry all those books I just couldn't resist.

We love the library .... even if one of the highlights is wrestling in the cushions.
PS: I am always interested in your recommended reads! What great books have you read lately? I highly recommend "Year of Wonders", a novel by Geraldine Brooks, and, of course, "The Number One Ladies' Detective Agency" series by Alexander McCall-Smith.

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