Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Love Jar

There's nothing like a bit of bribery to get you out of trouble with the kids. I have to say I was feeling a bit grumpy putting up with all the bickering and whining. And my reactions probably weren't helping either....I seem to recall something about boarding school...

Anyway, why not resort to a bit of "positive reinforcement" aka "bribery"? I slapped a love heart on a jar, got out some wooden beads and explained to the beasties - sorry, children - that every time they did something loving, or used nice manners, or helped as soon as they were asked etc, I would put a bead in the jar. Their reward would be a dessert of their choice when the jar was full.

I was pretty generous with the beads; it's hard for little people to wait too long and I didn't want the interest to wane! What a change in my children! When it was almost full (about two weeks later) Alfie the Elf helped out one night and filled it to the top.

Kees had chosen the dessert, agreed upon by Jimmy and wholeheartedly supported by me: 
 raspberry ice-cream. 
I took the opportunity and got him to write out a shopping list.

We bought the ingredients, and made the ice-cream and darn, it was good!

Now we're working to fill up the jar again!

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