Thursday, January 3, 2013


Ahh, summer. It's really hot. Sometimes I don't enjoy it, but I've decided to embrace it!

There's a lot to love, like pineapple mint a summertime glass ;0)

Fleshy, succulent good!


And these beautiful crocuses on the footpath after a storm.

I hope you're enjoying your summer too. Or winter! xoxo


  1. Looks beautiful Catherine! Our Summer to date hasn't been all that fun, but I'm determined to change that. Our computer was stolen last year and I've been missing out on all the blogs I used to follow, and blogging myself. Now we finally have a new one and I'm catching up on everything I'd been missing. You guys look like you've had a brilliant year!

  2. Happy blog, hope it always be so! hugs.

  3. Ahh love, your sunny blog post was just what I needed this day. To enourage me to make a choice to embrace it all with optimism!!!
    Love ya, Tam.

  4. I have nominated your blog for a Liebster Award, an award for new-up-and-coming blogs. Please check out my blog post!
    You are one of my faves!



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