Thursday, January 24, 2013

Summer Breezes

The other night, I went outside, when everyone else was asleep. My three boys were snoring contentedly together, a jumble of limbs.  The neighbours had turned off their 4BC and staggered into bed.
It was most enchanting.
All was hushed. I heard whispering leaves, crickets and a lonely car driving past in the distance.
I felt the breeze blowing on my face and hair.
I was filled by the sight of the moon, glowing like a luminous pearl between the silhoutted leaves and branches.
And I smelt the most beautiful balmy summer perfume. It was delicious!

I went out the next day to discover the magic ingredients of that perfumed breeze. If you're a subtropical dweller, you can probably give a good guess...



and "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow".

Now if only I could bottle that up, I think I'd be rich....

What does your breeze smell like?

(And no funny business, Tamara!)


  1. Please tell me the name of the purple and white on the bottom! We have some near our back door and they smell wonderful!

    Are they called "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow?"

    I only wish I had frangipani and jasmine nearby...

  2. Bahahahhahahahah.
    Luv ya Cath,


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