Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rocket Launch...

This is currently the boys' favourite game at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I think the pictures illustrate how the game is played; essentially, Grandpa launches them into the air and they fall onto the bed. It is lots of fun for spectators and participants alike.

Dad always manages to think up the funniest and most fun games and we are all in stitches. Usually we end up with tears of laughter! Some examples are:

1. The kids put their ankles in the dog leads and then we pull them and trip the kids over.

2. We set up a long plank to make a ramp going down a hill. Someone has to sit on the skateboard and ride down the ramp while the rest of us throw the big fitball at them and try to knock them off.

3.The kids sit on the swing and Dad bends over in front with his backside facing them. The kids swing and then kick Dad in the bum and he falls over.

I love to hear Dad's stories of the hilarious games he used to play with his siblings when he was a child. It actually reassures me: if Dad played crazy, dangerous games when he was young, and he turned out very sensible, then there's still hope for my boys....

Thanks Dad, for playing all these great games, even when you have a sore back. Kees and Jimmy will treasure these memories with you! xoxo

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