Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Pirates" Unit

Arr, me hearties, with our swag o' books, we be ready as ever ...

to hoist the mainsails on our "Pirates" unit!

So watch out, ye lily-livered landlubbers, cause we be mean pirates!
Arr! Don't be gettin' in the way of our cardboard cutlasses, or ye might get a paper cut!

Well, don't ye know, pirates ain't averse to a bit o' sticker fun?

To be sure, this was a great success: Kees and I made a map of our backyard and a small cardboard X. The game was, someone would hide some treasure in the backyard, then put the X in the right place on the map. Then the other person had to use the map to find the treasure. Spatial awareness, map design, map reading, drawing, perspective and fun - I gave myself a lot of points for this activity! Arr yes, pirates got no need for modesty.

More's the pity, pirates-in-trainin' be too young for rum. But not rumballs.

Pirates love danger, and a rusty old shipwreck is just the thing for us!

And finally, t'were come time for a treasure hunt, me hearties!

We followed the clues to get to the treasure...

Found the booty!

Jimmy loved it so much, he wanted to bury his treasure so we could find it again.

Fare thee well, a-pirating we go!


  1. this looks so fun, especially having a treasure hunt at the old ship wreck, awesome!

  2. Catherine!
    I love your style and creativity!
    I want to sit at your feet and learn to be as cool as you

  3. oh my! What a cool mum you are. Soooo wish I was there with you :)


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