Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our Little Monkey or Why I Have So Many Grey Hairs

Jimmy is seriously into climbing and exploring (running away) at the moment. It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't get stuck half the time, because then I have to try to get him down, which is usually awkward, embarrassing, frustrating and painful. It must be funny for the neighbours though, watching me cajole and scrape my shins. The other day, when I eventually found him, he was at one of our neighbours' houses, inside, trying on her lipstick!! They weren't even home (thank goodness) - he'd climbed in through their catflap. Exactly what Kees used to do at that age. What's with that?

So, "STAY in OUR yard!!" has been my catchcry.

Then the next day, our Jim leapt over the back fence into a yard with two dogs, who started chasing and jumping up on him. The dogs were playing but Jimmy was terrified - I had to jump over to get him and then, what do you know? Of course, I couldn't get back over. Faaar out. And the guy that lives there is really grumpy. So there I was scrabbling and swearing like a fool, wishing I wasn't such a weakling and had done a few more push-ups, until I finally got a leg up. Then I had to wobble along clambering over three fences to get back in. Grrrr. There were no ice creams that day.

This post documents some of Jimmy's latest achievements, scaling the heights of our home.

Jimmy's motivation here is chocolate. It doesn't matter where I hide it; once he has located the stuff, nothing can dampen Jim's enthusiasm for the task of getting his greasy mitts on it. Here he is, loading up his shirt with a stockpile of Easter eggs I'd hidden in March and forgotten about. But this little boy never forgets where chocolate is concerned.

Then he climbed way beyond his ability up this tree. He called out to me for help: "Mum! I'm stuck!" When I commanded him to come down, the little beggar just kept climbing higher.
But this one really took the cake. I think I'm quite liberal when it comes to letting my children explore their own physical abilities, but I actually got a surprise when I saw this. I had been in the kitchen, getting our lunch boxes ready, and I could hear Mister Two prattling on about something in my bedroom; as long as he wasn't poking his finger into my lipstick or breaking my necklaces, I wasn't too worried. I could make out a few odd phrases:
"Mummy, I'm in your undies."
"Yes, dear."
"I need a ladder, Mum."
"All right, love."
"Mummy, I can touch this!"
"Mm hmm."
I never like to leave Jimmy too long without checking what he's up to (wrecking), so I went up and looked in the door and it took me a second to find him. I could hear something but it wasn't till I looked up, and up...that I found him!

Oh, Jimmy. We were lucky to get you. You lovable little devil. xx


  1. The ever bare Tuckus just makes it funnier! how do you get through your day with out hernias and heart attacks!\


  2. omg! That's hilarious! What a character he is!

  3. OMG! Reminds me of Kung fu panda after the biscuits!


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