Monday, October 24, 2011

"Flyaway Katie" Unit

This unit was inspired by one of our favourite stories, "Flyaway Katie", about a little girl who is feeling a little bit grey, so she gets all dressed up and flies into a bright painting, where she hangs out with fantastical birds for the afternoon. We did art; I really enjoyed exploring the artist's technique with watercolour, stickers, collage, pens and pencils. This was a worthwhile activity which held the attention of both boys, so that I was able to make my own picture too. Joy!

The next thing we made were some wings, like Katie's.

They were fun to make and the children played with them for a little while but I'm afraid they're destined to become home decor.
Some phonetic awareness...
and an attempt at dyed eggs, which didn't quite work...
but still tasted good.
Creating bright felted stones was also a happy way to spend half an hour and Jimmy and Kees liked these. I always find felting a little bit tricky but imperfection's okay. ;0)
Like Katie, we brightened up ourselves too!

And made some birdie friends. Cause you know I like to do these sort of things.

Wishing you bright, joyful colour today!


  1. wow, this looks like so much fun! I love your painting (and of course the boys paintings too:) all that colour makes me feel happy

  2. Cath - such a beautiful, bright unit! so much fun!


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