Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Ice Cream" - The Wrap-Up

What a fun theme this was to start our homeschooling! I know I was excited!

We made an ice-cream shop.....

and all the customers were very happy. (No, those aren't blue carrots.)

I wore my ice-cream singlet a lot ...

and of course, we made our own! Yippee!

We made berry, vanilla and also citrus sorbet. All delicious.

You can see in the picture above, the suspicious hole in the middle that was there when I got this out of the freezer. Matt.

Just acting normal.

Grandpa was forced to eat an ice-cream cone with sprinkles.
Loving this book: "Yummy Ice-Cream"...
ironing (I knew the kids would get a kick outta this - danger)...
party napkins!
Vanilla ice-cream based on the Veganomicon recipe, including silken tofu and coconut cream (with goats' milk instead of soy milk). Really yummy - even Matt liked it. And last, but not least, a moonlit bayside bike ride to the ice-cream shop for dessert. If I thought Jimmy would settle for dairy-free sorbet, I had another thing coming. "I have yours - you have mine. Dat's yours, dis is mine."
All in all, our first homeschooling theme was a TREAT! Haha.

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