Monday, February 14, 2011

The Cutest Cup of Tea I've Ever Seen

Oh my goodness. These are truly the sweetest sweets I've ever beheld. There are some talented and dedicated Mummies out there. Isn't it just beautiful, the amount of care that loving parents will take to make their child's birthday special?
Apparently you can also make little teddies-under-blankets with Tiny Teddies, rectangular biscuits and an icing blanket.
There's a whole other world out there, people.


  1. Hi Catherine :) I just found your blog through my friend Karen (bare feet and a free spirit) and would love to follow it. I'm knew to the blogging world too but love it. Hope you guys were okay in the floods. I have family in SE Queensland (Sunshine Coast) but luckily everyone ok and not too much damage there. By the way, we can have rabbits in SA but you guys aren't allowed to in QLD. SORRY!!!

  2. Aw, im sad to hear you cant have rabbits:( I didn't realise that. Willow can be your 'virtual rabbit'
    Ive made those little tea cups before when I had a "tea party" birthday party, they were quite fidly but lots of fun.

  3. These are popular down here as well - we've had them at a few places now! I wish I was creative enough to think up these things - but in the meantime I'll just use someone elses ideas!
    How is your home schooling going?


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