Sunday, February 27, 2011

Galloping Ahead with Homeschooling

Now that we've finished our "Ice-Cream" theme, which was a success (no surprises there), we're moving onto ... "Horses".

We visited these lovely locals with some carrots and apples to get off to a good start.

It was such a peaceful spot for a picnic: beautiful big old shady trees, green grass, birdsong and a cool breeze. I can't believe we've never been here before, but it will definitely be a regular place to visit now.

I just loved a moment of quiet repose, lying on the picnic rug, looking up to the trees. And when the kids came to join me, they didn't even jump on me or drop anything on me, the just lay down for a nice cuddle. Ahh. Loverly.

Got big plans for the "Horse" theme!


  1. what a great day and what beautiful photos. That one of kees in the tree is my fav:) look forward to hearing about the rest of your horse learnings

  2. What a beautiful place to visit - wish I could join you under those shady trees!
    I imagine that horses will be lots of fun to study with your boys!
    Have a great day


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