Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Frilly Top

This is Style pattern 2922 with a few frills added, made from a remnant I bought at least ten years ago. The last time I used this pattern was for a costume I wore for a contemporary dance at our wedding! Hahahah! Yes, I get paid out for having costume changes at my own wedding!

Fun times. :0)


  1. Wow Cath, you are a very fine looking mumma sweetie!!! I love the top. Very clever and the old pictures are fantastic.

  2. I love your new top (and your spotty hat!!) The light blue suts you beautifully. Such a shame you live so far away, id love to have your cuties in my day care! Sorry to hear that you miss your Opa. Are your family Dutch or German? Mine are from Holland, they came to Australia when I my mum was 11. Your easter parties sound like lots of fun. Thanks for wishing me luck with the clomid xo

  3. Love it!! It looks so pretty on - suits you!
    The beach looks fantastic there - it rained almost the whole time we were up there so I didn't get a good beach trip (not that I had time anyway).
    Have a great week


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