Sunday, October 24, 2010


We recently spent a beautiful, albeit semi-cyclonic, week at Straddie, which I'll blog about when I can choose the photos. But we bought some really delicious fish there, so I was inspired to get some more on our return home and try a few new recipes. Off we went to the fish market with our esky; we were all looking forward to it. When we arrived it was still closed for another hour. At first I thought, "Uh oh, boring wait, standing around the playground". (Bad Mummy.) But actually, it turned out to be a really lovely morning, playing amongst the cotton trees, looking at all the boats, and finally, the excitement of the fish market, where "a man was picking up crabs with his bare hands, Dad!" We've made a few recipes, but the best was definitely the fish broth from Marie Claire: Fresh. I am really loving that cook book at the moment but I promise I'll give it back soon, Mum!

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