Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cushion Month

I have finally taken up the challenge of "Cushion Month" and I'm only about six months late! It took me ages to find an idea for cushions that felt right and fit in with our daggy old couches, but I am really happy with these! Years ago, on holiday in NZ, I was leafing through a lovely house magazine and they featured a very groovy home where the owners embraced "Kiwiana" and made it look arty and cool. This always stuck in my mind and inspired me; I was wondering if Australiana would ever become cool instead of cringe-worthy? Well, the jury's still out on that, but I'm getting into it!

In these photos you can see the fronts and backs of our new cushions. I got these great old tea-towels from.....can you guess? Of course, the op shop. Sadly I had to buy the spotty backing new, but I really love it. My favourites are absolutely the rainbow lorikeets; I'm not as in love with the map or the brown birds, but if better tea-towels present themselves I can change them later. Actually, they're not quite finished because I would like some big bright buttons to hold the backs in place. Anyway, it's great that these cushions are multi-taskers: you can sit on them, lie on them, hit each other with them or .... dry the dishes with them. ;0)


  1. Ah Cath the cushions are lovely!!! Great job and I love the multi tasking abilities!!!!

  2. Love them! I really like the map cushion actually. It's inspiration for adventure!


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