Monday, July 12, 2010

Pencil Case and Foldaway Pocket Bag

One thing I made for Kees' birthday was this pencil case, with his own scissors, glue and sticky tape, because he is right into that stuff at the moment and you know I need only the flimsiest of excuses to sew him something. This pencil case was surprisingly tricky (for me ;0)) and I hope the next one will be a bit tidier, but I love the "Bot Camp" fabric. (And did you notice some of that gingham from the old picnic basket again? That is one hardworking piece of fabric.)
Then I got excited and made a matching foldaway pocket bag. I got the pattern from an issue of G Magazine from the Library, and I'm hooked. You take one natty little pocket (above) and it folds out into a bag!
Yep, looks like he really loves it.
Mm hmm. Here is is, cast away forlornly on the floor. You little so-and-so, why can't you get a bit more excited about your lovely Mama-made gifts??
Update: Things are looking up: Kees showed his bag (without prompting) to a friend at playgroup today! Then he filled it up with bark chips....and dropped it on the ground and forgot about it. Hmmmf. And I've made another one incorporating an old pair of jeans. Very addictive. xx

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