Sunday, July 11, 2010

All Better and Enjoying Winter Fun

Many of you kind and caring people have been asking how Kees has recovered from his recent accident (where a marble tombstone fell on him and broke his hand and foot). I'm sorry for this photo of his scar which really doesn't show up clearly, but anyway, as you can see below, he is suffering terribly.
We're so glad to have our boy all better again! And able to get wet! (And not smelling like a stinking sweaty old sock and whacking me with his cast during the night.)

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  1. Hi Catherine! This is Lynne from Sugar City...for the record, I think this is the cutest picture I've ever seen! That bum is so adorably innocent. (I'm glad he's feeling better, by the way! That must have been so scary!!)

    Your blog is lovely, by the way!!


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