Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sheet Pyjamas

Hooray, the next step in old-sheet-upcycling! Let's see now, there've been nappies, skirts, cushions... now pyjamas! Because you can't get much more cosy than flannelette pjs. Here they are, modelled by the lovely Sally, who will kill me for putting up this pic (above) which makes her look a bit err... masculine. (She had the pants on back to front.) Sorry Sally, but really this was the best shot of your arabesque ;0) and we know that's the most important thing, doodle or no doodle. It's the sacrifice you have to make for your art. But I digress...
I included this photo to show the lovely fabric, and I also thought Sally looked very pretty.
And here is my talented little brother. Well, he's musically talented anyway. I think he better stick to duets rather than pas de deux. Ben, Matt says it looks like even your hand thinks you're a "loserrrr".


  1. he he funny pictures and great pants:)

  2. What a great idea - using old sheets! I think your friend looks beautiful & had a giggle at your brothers picture - lots of fun!
    Hope you are enjoying your winter holidays

  3. Love the pjs Cath! and the pencil case/bag you made for Kees (love the photo of him!) Hope your well!
    Love Martine


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