Monday, December 7, 2009

The Sound of Music: Revisited

I gotta tell you about a dangerous little addiction I am developing. As you know, I am quite partial to using old home furnishings to fashion clothes out of, a la Sound of Music. Now a whole new door has opened: the world of bed sheets! I had already dabbled in using sheets when I made Kees' beloved hat, and now it is time for skirts. Watch out, or you just might receive one yourself!

I just feel really good to be: giving to charity by buying from Op Shops; not creating any new manufacturing waste; saving old things from the bin; saving money; and getting something new and so comfy. And no-one else has one! Not yet anyway......

Sheet skirts. More coming your way!


  1. Looks great Cath - who would know!

  2. Oh Cath I love it!!!!!!! Remeber you made nappies out of old flannel sheets too, so you really are a sewing sheet wizz!!! I am envious that you are even able to wear a skirt - I am freezzzzzzzzzzzzzzing.

  3. Such a great idea Cath and looks really beautiful! Love lots, Martine

  4. What a great idea! You look lovely in it as well!
    I loved you pictures - brings back lots of memories of living there (we got our wedding pictures taken on the jetty there!)
    Hope you have a lovely day!
    Renata :)


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