Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Clontarf Beach Afternoons

Ahh, who can turn down greasy fish and chips at the beach? What a great way to get out of cooking dinner, washing up and keeping the kids happy! Once a week, Matt goes mountain-biking after work and returns home after dark. I find these days a bit challenging as the afternoon seems to drag on if Kees skips his nap, and then heads into crazyville when the clock strikes four. But this time, I had a plan, and we had a fun and relaxing afternoon instead.

Now that we have small children, I am extra grateful to live by this gentle seaside.

And for great, supportive, helpful friends who live just around the corner. I find this immensely comforting, just to know that if you're in a bit of a pickle, there is someone there who will help. Especially when she's a mothercraft nurse with two lovely children!

Our loyal scavengers, patiently waiting,

another beetle friend for Kees,

a handy climbing frame and cool soft sand
(I won't mention the odd Green Ant behind the scenes),

and beautiful, shady Cotton Trees, just perfect for climbing.

Goodbye beach! Thanks for a great afternoon. Time to cycle home. And what do you know, Daddy beat us back!
And for those of you who may be looking wistful and missing Redcliffe.... the mosquitoes here are OUT OF CONTROL! Oh my goodness. We are now under house arrest because I am frankly to scared to venture outside! My washing has been on the line for two days because you have to do a German slap-dance while you try to get it off.


  1. Ok you had me....I was almost teary and homesick and then read about the mozzies. Bloody things. I remember you having that clothes line issue a few years back! Just think Sam and I were playing in the freshly fallen, fluffy white snow this morning - no bugs in sight!

  2. I was going to say how much I missed it all...but definitely not the mozzies! We were at Wagga the other evening & the people we were with were complaining about the mozzies & we were looking around thinking "what mozzies?"- they should go to qld!!
    Have a nice day!

  3. Beautiful photos and a wonderful day at the beach! The fish and chips reminds me of myh first trip to Australia, driving down the east coast from Cairns to Sydney and eating plenty of fish and chips along the way :-) Have a Merry Christmas!


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